About Prima

Our Investment Sizes

We focus on pre-seed and angel investments of:

$25,000 - $250,000*

*Larger Investments will be released in tranches and accompanied by measurable milestones.

Founders We Look For

Prima targets entrepreneurs and founders who need early-stage funding for their ideas

  • Targeting founders and teams who...

    • Have a boot-strap mentality

    • Not afraid to cold call

    • Have team chemistry

    • Problem solve

    • Have grit

    • Have great work ethic

Our purpose is to create generational wealth for previously underfunded communities & work with investors & institutions alike to elevate the next wave of young leaders that will shape the future.

Andy Stewart

andy@prima.ventures | LinkedIn

  • PhD Candidate, MSc, MPhil from LSE

  • COO of TG0

  • COO of Hulah

  • Lead Consultant @ Gallup

  • Experience raising funds from Seed-Series B

Dhruv Dhawan

dhawan@prima.ventures | LinkedIn

  • Former Morgan Stanley Advisor

  • CIO @ Grey Opal

  • Series 7, 63, 65, 57

  • DePaul Mentor & Guest Lecturer

  • Sunshine Enterprise Mentor & Teacher

Will Hugon

will@prima.ventures | LinkedIn

  • Angel Investor

  • Mentor to Startups, Teacher/Pitch Practice Coordinator

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