Vision & Mission

Our Mission is to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs and inspire as many communities as we can.

Accelerator Programs

By partnering with universities & entrepreneurial communities around the country, we are able to tap into established student and institutional infrastructure to produce the best ideas and startups.

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Long-Term Approach

Our fund has a unique strategy & clear target market that helps us deliver leading returns while minimizing risk. We do this with a value mindset & a data-driven investment approach with a goal of asymmetric returns. We partner with institutions & entrepreneurial communities to limit costs by leveraging their established infrastructures & ecosystems.

Elevating Underfunded Communities

We believe it is important to focus on supporting underfunded communities & demographics

  • Provide opportunities to bring products & services to markets that might otherwise go undeveloped

  • Millennials who have a 20+ year time horizon to impact future generations